Thursday, February 28, 2008

Updates - Day 4

Zuma's appetite is finally back, and she does leave her babies for a few minutes to go use the bathroom now (but very hurriedly). She is getting much better at visitors - letting someone other than just us hold and pet her babies.

Some of the pups like to cuddle in a huddle, some like to be alone (mostly the youngest) and some like to cuddle with mom. And mom loves it (especially with the girls for some reason)! They are getting bigger, chunkier and more mobile. It's amazing to see how much they act like real dogs! I mean, I know they are dogs, but they scratch, dream, stretch, and lay like big adult-sized dogs but only in minature size. It's so cute.

The first-born has a new name - Gripey. he's always griping about something and then he bulldozes over and steals milk away from the others. So, he's still a bull!

The Nursing Quartet

Snuggles and Cuddles - Days 2 and 3

Sardines in a row (getting fatter).

Laying just like mom ...stretched out.
Snuggling with mom. The girls usually spend more time snuggling with mom alone. When they sleep, they dream, scratch, wag tails, and even bark (or something that resembles a bark anyway).


Ready to get their check-ups.
I will bite my way out of this if I have to.
Here is Momma's little girl getting a check-up and removing her dew claws.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Vet Visit

The puppies had their first vet visit today (2 days old). They had their check-up (all are perfectly healthy) and dew claws removed (ouch!). Momma Zu was not happy at all. I will have those pictures up soon this week, but for now, here are their weights:

Age: 2 days old

Puppy #1 (m): 1.4 pounds
Puppy #2 (m): 1.4 pounds
Puppy #3 (f): 1.2 pounds
Puppy #4 (f): 1.2 pounds
Puppy #5 (m): 1.2 pounds
Puppy #6 (m): 1.4 pounds
Puppy #7 (f): 1.2 pounds

Puppies on the move and sleeping

Here they are on the first full day (the 25th) under the heat lamp. They started to lose their umbilical cords at 10 pm this day. By morning (the 26th), all were lost!

Oh, the Puppy Breath! (first day)

Here is the last one born (female). Here is the first born (male) and then the rest of the
nursing litter in their whelping box with Momma Zuma. Zuma is such an amazing mom. She doesn’t even want to get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom (we have to force her to leave her pups), and she barely sleeps!


The LONG Labor and the Birth

Zuma went into Stage I labor on the 23rd (Saturday) of February of 2008 in the early afternoon. By 10 pm she was actively panting and mildly pacing. Her water broke at 2:50 am on Sunday morning, the 24th. She started pushing at 3:12 am. By 3:49 am, the first puppy was born.

3:49 am - Male born head first (so far, he's the noisy one that bulldozes his way around all the others) - marked blue on right shoulder

4:22 am - Male born feet first - marked white on right shoulder

4:26 am - Female born head first (she's very subdued and quiet) - marked gold on left shoulder

4:56 am - Female born feet first (noisy) - marked blue of left shoulder

5:34 am - Male born head first - marked white on left shoulder

6:35 am - Male born feet first (has a bit of an attitude) - marked gold on lower back

11:47 am - After an oxytocin shot at the vet, a Female born head first (she's most like Zuma - independent and sleeps just like her) - no mark

Family Blog

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Pregnant Zuma

Here she is lounging in the sun in the yard, in "her" rocking chair, and on "her" sofa.