Monday, May 5, 2008

Kona Kai (Koko) and her first solo adventures

Here is Kona with dad about to hit the trails for the first time
Find Kona now (look towards the bottom of the picture).  She got too tired to walk/run the full hour.  (Mom, Zuma, is in the background.)   It made for a VERY heavy stroller.  She went to PetsMart (Zuma's favorite spot) for the first time the day before and weighed in at 25.5 pounds!
I have to say that Koko is adjusting very well to the "good life," but I'm not so sure Zuma likes the idea of sharing her bed and sofa.  Especially to a cuddler (Zuma only snuggles on her own terms and Kona is always trying to lay on Zuma - one of them will eventually have to give into the other)!

We've been receiving a few updates from the pup families.  Some of them are already sitting on command (Koko included) and sleeping through the night.  They are adjusting just wonderfully to receiving individual attention, snuggling, walking on leashes, and getting lots of new visitors!  Keep sending your updates and photos to post!