Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The LONG Labor and the Birth

Zuma went into Stage I labor on the 23rd (Saturday) of February of 2008 in the early afternoon. By 10 pm she was actively panting and mildly pacing. Her water broke at 2:50 am on Sunday morning, the 24th. She started pushing at 3:12 am. By 3:49 am, the first puppy was born.

3:49 am - Male born head first (so far, he's the noisy one that bulldozes his way around all the others) - marked blue on right shoulder

4:22 am - Male born feet first - marked white on right shoulder

4:26 am - Female born head first (she's very subdued and quiet) - marked gold on left shoulder

4:56 am - Female born feet first (noisy) - marked blue of left shoulder

5:34 am - Male born head first - marked white on left shoulder

6:35 am - Male born feet first (has a bit of an attitude) - marked gold on lower back

11:47 am - After an oxytocin shot at the vet, a Female born head first (she's most like Zuma - independent and sleeps just like her) - no mark