Thursday, February 28, 2008

Updates - Day 4

Zuma's appetite is finally back, and she does leave her babies for a few minutes to go use the bathroom now (but very hurriedly). She is getting much better at visitors - letting someone other than just us hold and pet her babies.

Some of the pups like to cuddle in a huddle, some like to be alone (mostly the youngest) and some like to cuddle with mom. And mom loves it (especially with the girls for some reason)! They are getting bigger, chunkier and more mobile. It's amazing to see how much they act like real dogs! I mean, I know they are dogs, but they scratch, dream, stretch, and lay like big adult-sized dogs but only in minature size. It's so cute.

The first-born has a new name - Gripey. he's always griping about something and then he bulldozes over and steals milk away from the others. So, he's still a bull!