Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 3 weeks and 1 day!! Past week updates

The puppies are so adorable now - playing with each other, playing with mom, and playing with us.  They are just now getting their teeth - their eyes have fully opened, as are their ears.  They growl, tug, bite, lick, wag, whine, howl, yelp, and bark louder and fiercer than ever.  The pups play hard, eat hard, and sleep hard just the way puppies are supposed to.  They wait impatiently (well, some are more patient than others) for our affection and attention.  Gripey is now the one with white on his lower back and he loves me.  The last born girl (which we now call Koko) has taken a BIG liking to Derek.  Today I will feed them their first "gruel."  And eventually I will have those pictures up and pictures of when we have them "swim" in the tub.  Zuma is still a great mom.  If a puppy goes under her, she will contort her body so as not to crush them and then stays that way (even is she is shaking in agony) until they either move away or help arrives.  I promise I will have better (and more) videos and pictures up this week.