Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puppy Profiles - The Boy Dwarves

Grumpy (aka Gripey) - SOLD
Sixth born.  He's the grouchiest - well, really he just wants attention from us all the time, so he gripes A LOT!  Go-getter male.
Sneezy (aka Drake) - SOLD
Fifth born.  Named Sneezy because he is somewhere in the middle of shy and sleepy in his appearance and mannerisms.

Doc (aka Carson)
Second born.  Named Doc because he's the "intellectual" one (introspective thinker and watcher). 

Sleepy (aka Bull) - SOLD (New Name: Bullet)
First born.  Bulldozes over everyone.  Very relaxed and mellow. Sleeps through everyone else's feedings and then goes in for the kill.  Always sleeping.