Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy 4 weeks of age (and Happy Easter)!!!

The puppies are getting so big and strong - no runts in this litter!  So much has changed since the last time we posted on the site.  They are playing so much more, and interact with humans even more than they used to.  They ALL love to play with us and pounce and tease.  So cute but watch out for those razor-sharp teeth!    

They also eat more gruel (puppy food mixed with water and formula) and love it.  Our goal is to "wean" them by 6 weeks, which is the usual weaning time anyway.  Most of them have the potty training almost figured out.  With a couple of exceptions, they go potty in the kennel and sleep and play in the whelping box. Hopefully they will be potty trained (at least most of the way) before going to their new homes.  Zuma (the mom) is very smart (as were her mom and dad both), and was potty trained by 5 weeks of age!  

We've given them their first bath (no soap) to get them accustomed to water and grooming (they already are used to weekly nail clippings, and will soon be used to getting their teeth brushed).  I'll have those pictures posted soon.  They have also had many visitors (adults and kids) to get them used to people of all sizes.  And soon we will take them on short car rides so they won't get nervous about being in cars when they grow up.  The pups also have been outdoors (they didn't know what to think of that).  Once the weather is nicer, they will be able to get out more often and enjoy the weather.  Eventually we will put them on collars and leashes to get them used to that a tiny bit.

Come back either today or tomorrow for picture updates!