Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puppy Profiles - The Girl Dwarves

Bashful (aka Olive the other puppy, Hanah) - SOLD
Third born.  Is very shy - takes her time to do things and warm up to new things.  Very sweet little girl once she does warm up to you.  Very subdued, not hyper in the least.  Will make a sweet cuddle-bug.
Dopey (aka Little Girl) - SOLD
Fourth born.  Named Dopey because she is the sweet and silly one.  Somewhere inbetween Bashful and a go-getter.  
Happy (aka Koko) - SOLD
Last born.  Second in line for the title "gripey."  Most rotund girl, but these days, she would rather get affection from humans than eat, sleep, or be with mom.  Go-getter personality.  Energetic.  Very vocal.  Most like mom.